In depth understanding of the cultural and economic factors that impact on civil society and the development of an independent media.


Skilled in project management for capacity building and development in post-conflict and emerging economies.

Business Model Kosovo

Evaluation of the technical and business operation of the transmission networks in Kosovo. Report and recommendations to an international group of donors (IREX/USAID) on development of digital systems in the region.  Consultation on the political and legal issues (UNMIK/OSCE) of the broadcast/telecom strategies with recommendations for a strengthening of governance and a new commercial plan.


Specialist Reporting for World Health Organisation

Programme manager and host for WHO mentor scheme attached to WHO European Conference – specialist skills training for young experts in public health communications from emerging economies. 


Broadcast Training in the Baltic States

Budget, planning and management of EU funded support programmes to public and private media organisations. Leadership of the training needs analysis, content development, design and implementation, recruitment, mentoring and assessment for technical grades and management skills.


Facilitation of Arab-Israeli Programme

Project manager with multilateral organisation in the organisation and delivery for professional development among Arab-Israeli broadcasters in an EU Media project.     


We have worked with: Open Society, UN, EU, WHO, IREX/USAID, Nordic Council, BBC,

Council of Europe, CIRCOM and the Danish Foreign Ministry.

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."